03-Nov-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of Surgical & Disposables Items For Sehat Sahulat Program'

20-Oct-2021: Medical Furniture - Technical Evaluation Criteria

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Items/Disposables

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Equipment

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –General Furniture

11-Oct-2021: Technical Bid Evaluation Report (Medical Furniture)

24-Sep-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for procurement of 'Laundry Machines' in MTI MMC Mardan

08-Sep-2021: Technical Evaluation Report for Janitorial Services at MTI-MMC Mardan

16-Aug-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Central Medical Gas Supply System”

11-Aug-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for the'Procurement of Medical & General Items'

06-Aug-2021: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

30-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids 'Installation of Central Medical Gas Supply System'

27-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids (Medical & General Furniture and Medical)

19-Jul-2021: Interview Notice For House Job for Medical Graduates (MBBS) Session 2021

09-Jul-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

09-Jul-2021: BID SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS “Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

28-Jun-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of IT Hardware & Machinery Items'

15-Jun-2021: Interview Notice 'Medical Graduates of BKMC for House Officers'

27-May-2021: Notice Inviting Bids for the provision of Janitorial/Cleaning Services in MTI-MMC

25-May-2021: Interview Notice 'Dental Graduates of BKCD for House Officers'

16-Mar-2021: Notification For Auction in MTI MMC Mardan


18-Feb-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for 'The Procurement of Medicines & Surgical Disposable '

22-Dec-2020: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Provision of Security Services MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Jan-2021: Tender Notice Invited for 'Renovation of Gynae & Labor Room at MTI MMC'

10-Dec-2020: Bid Evaluation Report (Technical) of Supply & Installation of Lift/Elevator at MMC Mardan

02-Dec-2020: Comparative Statement (Maintenance & Repair Works at MTI-MMC)

19-Nov-2020: Publication of Notice Inviting Tender for Sehat Sahulat Program in MTI-MMC

03-Nov-2020: NOTICE INVITING TENDER ' to improve performance, enhance effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness for the provision of quality healthcare services to the people of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'

01-Oct-2020: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting "Procurement of Two (02) Lifts at MMC Mardan"

14-Sep-2020: MTI-MMC Notice Inviting Tender for Lift/Elevator

05-Sep-2020: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Aug-2020: Notice Inviting Tender For Medical & General Items

16-Jul-2020: Notice Inviting Tender

15-Jul-2020: Rigid Scopes Evaluation



03-Jun-2020: Notice Inviting Tender "For Provision of Security Services"

13-Mar-2020: Interview Notice For House Job

24-Jan-2020: Advertisement No. INF (P) 359/20 for Clinical Posts

23-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

06-Jan-2020: Announcement Of Technical Bid Evaluation Report

01-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

24-Dec-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Procurement of Equipment (Electric) and Miscellaneous Items

18-Dec-2019: Addendum in Advertisement INF(P) 5014/19

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report of Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, Mardan Nursing College

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report for Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, BKMC

05-Dec-2019: Application Form for current Advertisement (Dec-2019) Advertisement No. INF (P) 5014/19

09-Dec-2019: Advertisement for the post of Communication & Outreach Officer, Inventory Officer & Inventory Assistant

05-Dec-2019: Notice Inviting Tender For Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC)

05-Dec-2019: Notice For Pre-Qualification of Contractor/Firms

02-Dec-2019: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Furniture and Fixture MTI-BKMC Mardan

03-Dec-2019: Invitation For Bids at MTI-BBCH Mardan

27-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Repair & Maintenance in existing building & Repair of Furniture & Fixture"

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Physiotherapy

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Library

19-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Medical Equipment/Surgical Disposable For Cardiac Surgery"

13-Nov-2019: 4th Annual all specialties symposium. 1st launch pharma meeting 27-Nov-2019 MMC Mardan

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "Civil Construction of Physiotherapy Department"

17-Oct-2019: NIT for "Civil Construction of Library"

11-Sep-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Two (02) Color Doppler Ultrasound”

07-Sep-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (2nd Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

26-Aug-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (1st Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

17-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System)

08-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Procurement & Installation of Incinerator)

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Physiotherpy-BSD

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Library-BSD

17-Apr-2019: House Job Notice & Form at MTI Mardan

Executives Message


Dr. Muhammad Javid Khan
Chairman BOG

The main goal of the Board of Governors is to develop and create uniformity among all stake holders to implement and ensure best clinical governance. To attract all the health care providers in the best interest of public and to make sure ease access to the clinical services.

To develop the MTI self-sustainable in terms of finances and to minimize its dependency on government. On priority, the institution required to narrate the vision and mission for achieving the short and long terms targets.


Hospital Director

Mardan Medical Complex is a public sector tertiary level hospital. Initially it was 420 bedded hospital, later on in 2008 BKMC was established and MMC declared as a teaching hospital for BKMC in the same year. The bed strength was increased to 520 after this declaration. 520 bed facility providing multidisciplinary healthcare services under one roof.

Start working in 1997, MMC was the first tertiary care hospital in the Mardan City. Our mission is to be recognized as the leading healthcare provider in the region. Our vision is to enhance the quality of life of patients and clients throughout our network by providing high quality, cost-efficient, multi-disciplinary medical services delivered with a personal touch. Our range of services will be improved even further from 2017 with the opening of the multiple supportive services and additional centers, which are included a dedicated MDR TB-Center, Plastic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Diabetes Services, Hepatitis Program, TB Program & IBP with state of the art pathological equipment.

At Mardan Medical Complex we foster, promote and practice high quality, and standard medicines at very impressive discounted rates through Fair Price computerized Pharmacy.  Our major focus is to establish and promote collaborative partnerships between individuals served, staff and families in order to maintain an environment where services and treatment are provided with dignity and respect to all. 

We hope the information contained in our website will be helpful to you and answer some of the questions you may have.




Medical Director

MMC has a long continuous history of excellent Surgical, Medical, Obstetric, Gynecological care. We are staffed with a dedicated and designated team of Professors, Registrars, Specialists, Surgeons, Physicians, nurses, paramedical teams, and administrative staff. 

At MMC, we offer comprehensive and extensive medical services to serve patients and their families with either the simplest or most complex health concerns in a caring and healing environment. MMC continuously strives to be at the forefront of providing patient-centered care and support to patients’ families with compassionate care, state-of-the-art technologies and the highest quality clinical care. 

Numerous specialties like; Surgical, Medical, Eye, ENT, OBs Gynae, Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial surgery and diagnostic fields’ are available under one roof at MMC. This cumulative growth in MMC’s operations and reputation is attributed to our dedicated and highly trained workforce. 

In 2008, after the declaration of teaching hospital by establishing of Bacha Khan Medical College, MMC has increased in bedding and moves towards in research field. MMC is committed to having highly-skilled, experienced physicians, well-educated, dedicated nurses, paramedical staff, and others who provide care with skill and understanding in a non-judgmental manner. 

Dr. Javed Iqbal
Project Director (Benazir Childrens Hospital)

Benazir Bhutto Children Hospital Mardan (BBCH), is 288 bedded dedicated hospital which is being built with the needs of children and their loved ones in mind.

The Benazir Bhutto Children Hospital will host KP largest neonatal health care unit and special care unit, and will provide a special link-way to connect with the Mardan Medical Complex- Gynae services.

The hospital is located within key research hubs, the Bacha Khan Medical College. By joining with MTI Mardan, the new hospital will help expand research into childhood illness and ensure our kids have access to the latest treatments.

Initiated under the Federal Government, and we are proud that the Benazir Bhutto Children’s Hospital has opened under the KP Government – in-full and with the facilities and services Patients deserve. Importantly, this year with great efforts of Board of Governors & Administration, we have started OPD Services in May- 2018. The OPD Services includes:

  1.   Children OPD
  2.   EDCC (10 Beds)
  3.   Immunization Center (EPI)
  4.   Radiology
  5.   Pathology
  6.   Echo Cardiography
  7.   EEG & EMG
  8.   Incubator
  9.   Phototherapy unit