03-Jun-2020: Notice Inviting Tender "For Provision of Security Services"

13-Mar-2020: Interview Notice For House Job

24-Jan-2020: Advertisement No. INF (P) 359/20 for Clinical Posts

23-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

06-Jan-2020: Announcement Of Technical Bid Evaluation Report

01-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

24-Dec-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Procurement of Equipment (Electric) and Miscellaneous Items

18-Dec-2019: Addendum in Advertisement INF(P) 5014/19

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report of Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, Mardan Nursing College

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report for Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, BKMC

05-Dec-2019: Application Form for current Advertisement (Dec-2019) Advertisement No. INF (P) 5014/19

09-Dec-2019: Advertisement for the post of Communication & Outreach Officer, Inventory Officer & Inventory Assistant

05-Dec-2019: Notice Inviting Tender For Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC)

05-Dec-2019: Notice For Pre-Qualification of Contractor/Firms

02-Dec-2019: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Furniture and Fixture MTI-BKMC Mardan

03-Dec-2019: Invitation For Bids at MTI-BBCH Mardan

27-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Repair & Maintenance in existing building & Repair of Furniture & Fixture"

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Physiotherapy

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Library

19-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Medical Equipment/Surgical Disposable For Cardiac Surgery"

13-Nov-2019: 4th Annual all specialties symposium. 1st launch pharma meeting 27-Nov-2019 MMC Mardan

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "Civil Construction of Physiotherapy Department"

17-Oct-2019: NIT for "Civil Construction of Library"

11-Sep-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Two (02) Color Doppler Ultrasound”

07-Sep-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (2nd Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

26-Aug-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (1st Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

17-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System)

08-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Procurement & Installation of Incinerator)

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Physiotherpy-BSD

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Library-BSD

17-Apr-2019: House Job Notice & Form at MTI Mardan

Information Techonology


The IT Department of MTI Mardan was started in June 2018 upon the recruitment of Manager- IT. The existing system was traditional manual system, the main goal was to create and develop a complete paperless environment.

Currently, OPD Receipt, Emergency Receipt, Private Rooms Admissions, Accounts & Finance, Fair Price Pharmacy are computerized through in-house development. However the full pledged HMIS development and implementation is in progress through Directorate of Science & Technology under the project named “IT Support for Improvement of Health Services Delivery in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”.

Our Current Services:

  1. CCTV Security System
  2. Biometric Attendance System
  3. Out patient & Emergency patient Registration
  4. Fair Price Pharmacy Automation
  5. Online Complaint Cell
  6. Accounts & Finance Management System
  7. Helpdesk support
  8. Internet Services over Ethernet & WiFi
  9. Web Services
  10. Media Services

Our Target Services:

  1. OPD & IPD Clinic Management System
  2. Electronic Medical Record
  3. Purchase & Inventory Management System
  4. Pathology & Radiology Management system
  5. CSSD & Laundry Management System
  6. Human Resource Management System
  7. ICU/CCU/Labour Room System
  8. Store & Pharmacy Management System
  9. Accident & Emergency Management System
  10. Hostel Management System
  11. Biometric Integration with HR & Account System
  12. Enquiry & IT Help Desk Management System

Human Resource at the IT Department:

  1. Computer Programmer                     01
  2. Computer Operators                        17
  3. Key Punch Operators                       04

Organogram of Information Techonology

Department Staff


Personal ID: 101600
Designation: Manager IT
Specialty: Network, System & Communication
Experience: 13 Years
Certificates & Trainings: CCNA, CCNP, CCIE(R&S)-T, MCP, MCTS,MCITP
Email: mohsinalikh@gmail.com

Mr. Maqsood Ur Rehman

Personal ID: 626220
Designation: Programmer
Specialty: Programming, Data Center Administration
Experience: 12 years
Certificates & Trainings: OCA, OCP, MCSE, Java Admin-1
MS-Computer Science
Email: maqsood4791@gmail.com