Radiology Department


Radiology department of MTI Mardan provides state-of-the-art diagnostics and scanning facilities to all patients visited to the Hospital. Our staff is highly committed, dedicated, well qualified & trained and are available for services round the clock i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MTI, MMC running its own department to facilitate General, Sehat Sahulat Card and Institutional Based Practice (IBP) Patients in clinical care.

Vision: The aim of Radiology and medical imaging is to provide timely, cost effectively and high quality imaging services to the patients. Our department also plays a major and vital role in educating trainees, health care providers and health care administrators in improving the outcome and advancing the care of patients.


  1. The mission of the department is to provide compassionate, caring, and high quality imaging to improve the quality of life of patients.
  2.  Our role is to provide medical imaging which are cost efficient, less invasive and safe.
  3.  To educate the referring physicians, medical students, allied health professionals.
  4.  Our department will continue innovative solutions and new knowledge to make a difference for the patient care and the future health care.


  1. To educate medical students, resident, faculty and clinical technicians.
  2. To discover new medical knowledge and to refine the existing knowledge to improve the clinical practices.
  3. Throughout our patient care, research, and education functions, we are guided by a foundation of six core features of Radiology department

Future Plan:

          To further expand the medical imaging by introducing

  1. Image guided therapeutic facilities by establishing interventional Radiology
  2. Starting of Mammography
  3. Online Imaging facility for patients through HMIS.

Department Team

Associate Professor

Dr Zubair Janan