OBS & GYNAE Department


we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in women’s obstetrical and gynecologic health care and in the programs and services we offer. We are committed to endemic based medicine, timely access to care, collaborative, respectful and ethical practices. We believe in being accountable to our patients our colleagues and ourselves.

Facilities: The department puts great emphasis on providing the best facilities for female health and well-being. We are catering to all types of gynae, infertility and obstetric conditions with supportive care to patients with different health and medical issues for instance diabetic, hypertension, lever cardiac and renal disorders. Patients are seen and surgeries are performed by a dedicated team of consultants and supportive staff.

The department provide 24/7 emergency services which include all major gynecological surgeries, caesarean section, operation deliveries, diagnostic /therapeutic laparoscopies , high risk pregnancy management, infertility clinic , CTG, MVA, family planning services.

Infrastructure: Gynae department is composed of two units i.e. Gynae A & B. Each unit has 19 bedded capacity in unit accommodating both Antenatal and postnatal patient.

We have labor suit with six (06) delivery tables, 02 bedded eclampsia room, 16 beds for antenatal high risk patient. We have six (06) bedded postnatal wards & 08 bedded HDU. We have 05 functional operation theatres, 02 for emergency and 04 for elective procedures.

Trainings: The OBS & Gynae residency program at BKMC/MMC commenced in july 2011. At present there are 78 postgraduate FCPS/MCPS trainees in the program which is approved by the college of physician and surgeon Pakistan.

Teaching: we are also responsible for teaching and training of medical students throughout the five professionals of our undergraduate curriculum and ensure high quality education with ethics, empathy, team work, professionalism and integrity.

In addition to teaching and patient care department is working hard to improve the research standards with research ongoing by postgraduate’s trainees and consultants.

Future plan:

  • Availability of vent support trained ICU staff.
  • Research colposcopies
  • Therapeutic laparoscopies

Department Team

Assistant Professor

Dr. Naila

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hamsa Gul

Assistant Professor

Dr. Fatima Muslim