31-Dec-2021: Notice Inviting Tender 'To Run the canteen having area (3000 sqft) located in the premises of Institution'

03-Nov-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of Surgical & Disposables Items For Sehat Sahulat Program'

20-Oct-2021: Medical Furniture - Technical Evaluation Criteria

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Items/Disposables

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Equipment

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –General Furniture

11-Oct-2021: Technical Bid Evaluation Report (Medical Furniture)

24-Sep-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for procurement of 'Laundry Machines' in MTI MMC Mardan

08-Sep-2021: Technical Evaluation Report for Janitorial Services at MTI-MMC Mardan

16-Aug-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Central Medical Gas Supply System”

11-Aug-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for the'Procurement of Medical & General Items'

06-Aug-2021: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

30-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids 'Installation of Central Medical Gas Supply System'

27-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids (Medical & General Furniture and Medical)

19-Jul-2021: Interview Notice For House Job for Medical Graduates (MBBS) Session 2021

09-Jul-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

09-Jul-2021: BID SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS “Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

28-Jun-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of IT Hardware & Machinery Items'

15-Jun-2021: Interview Notice 'Medical Graduates of BKMC for House Officers'

27-May-2021: Notice Inviting Bids for the provision of Janitorial/Cleaning Services in MTI-MMC

25-May-2021: Interview Notice 'Dental Graduates of BKCD for House Officers'

16-Mar-2021: Notification For Auction in MTI MMC Mardan


18-Feb-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for 'The Procurement of Medicines & Surgical Disposable '

22-Dec-2020: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Provision of Security Services MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Jan-2021: Tender Notice Invited for 'Renovation of Gynae & Labor Room at MTI MMC'

10-Dec-2020: Bid Evaluation Report (Technical) of Supply & Installation of Lift/Elevator at MMC Mardan

02-Dec-2020: Comparative Statement (Maintenance & Repair Works at MTI-MMC)

19-Nov-2020: Publication of Notice Inviting Tender for Sehat Sahulat Program in MTI-MMC

03-Nov-2020: NOTICE INVITING TENDER ' to improve performance, enhance effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness for the provision of quality healthcare services to the people of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'

01-Oct-2020: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting "Procurement of Two (02) Lifts at MMC Mardan"

14-Sep-2020: MTI-MMC Notice Inviting Tender for Lift/Elevator

05-Sep-2020: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Aug-2020: Notice Inviting Tender For Medical & General Items

16-Jul-2020: Notice Inviting Tender

15-Jul-2020: Rigid Scopes Evaluation



03-Jun-2020: Notice Inviting Tender "For Provision of Security Services"

13-Mar-2020: Interview Notice For House Job

24-Jan-2020: Advertisement No. INF (P) 359/20 for Clinical Posts

23-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

06-Jan-2020: Announcement Of Technical Bid Evaluation Report

01-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

24-Dec-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Procurement of Equipment (Electric) and Miscellaneous Items

18-Dec-2019: Addendum in Advertisement INF(P) 5014/19

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report of Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, Mardan Nursing College

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report for Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, BKMC

05-Dec-2019: Application Form for current Advertisement (Dec-2019) Advertisement No. INF (P) 5014/19

09-Dec-2019: Advertisement for the post of Communication & Outreach Officer, Inventory Officer & Inventory Assistant

05-Dec-2019: Notice Inviting Tender For Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC)

05-Dec-2019: Notice For Pre-Qualification of Contractor/Firms

02-Dec-2019: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Furniture and Fixture MTI-BKMC Mardan

03-Dec-2019: Invitation For Bids at MTI-BBCH Mardan

27-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Repair & Maintenance in existing building & Repair of Furniture & Fixture"

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Physiotherapy

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Library

19-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Medical Equipment/Surgical Disposable For Cardiac Surgery"

13-Nov-2019: 4th Annual all specialties symposium. 1st launch pharma meeting 27-Nov-2019 MMC Mardan

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "Civil Construction of Physiotherapy Department"

17-Oct-2019: NIT for "Civil Construction of Library"

11-Sep-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Two (02) Color Doppler Ultrasound”

07-Sep-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (2nd Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

26-Aug-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (1st Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

17-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System)

08-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Procurement & Installation of Incinerator)

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Physiotherpy-BSD

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Library-BSD

17-Apr-2019: House Job Notice & Form at MTI Mardan

Pathology Department


Mardan Medical Complex is a govt hospital has a well-equiped laboratory and state of the Art Equipment. It serves not only Mardan division but also Malakand division and neighboring districts. MMC Mardan lab works round the clock. It has different section like main lab, Accedent & emegency Lab (A & E Lab), Muhtarama Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Children Hospital Lab & Blood Bank.

Lab (Pathology) Services:

MMC Laboratory (Pathology) has different section like Clinical Hematology, Serology, Clinical Biochemistry and Histophatology.

MMC Lab provides the following diagnostic services:

Hematology Investigations: Complete/Full blood Count, Sepecial Smear, Coaggulation Profile (PT, APTT, and INR), Cloting Factors (Plates, Calcium etc.) and diagnosis of Leukemias.

Serological Investigations:  All types of screening (HBV profile, HCV, HIV and VDRL by 4th generation ELISA). PCR: HBV PCR and Genotyping.

Microbiologica Investigations: Bacteriological, virological, Mycological & Parasitological Investigations.

Bacteriological Examination: TB (from screening to PCR), Enteric fever (typhoid) (Widal, Typhidot), ASO & VDRL etc.

Virological Investigations: Hepatitis B, C, HIV & Dengue (from screening to PCR).

Mycological Investigations:         Leish Screening/Scraping.

Parasitological Investigations: Malarial Parasites (MP), Worms, Toxoplasmosis & Leishmaniasis.

Histophatology: FNC & Biopsies.

Routine Chemistry: Blood Sugar, RFT’s (Blood urea, Creatinine), Uric Acid, LFTs (ALT (SGPT), Alkaline Phosphatase (ALK), Bilirubin).

Special Chemistry: Lipid Profile, Cardia Enzymes, Hormones & Tumor Markers.

Lapid Profile: Cholestrol, Triglycerides (TG), HDL, LDL.

Cardiac Enzymes: CPK, LDH, CPK, CKMB, AST, Trop I.

Immunochemistry: TFTs (T3, T4, TSH), Fertility Hormones (FSH, LH, Testosterones, Prolactin, BHCG).

Tumor Markers: PSA, CA 125, a-fetoprotein & BHCG.

Others: Amylase, D-dimer, Ferittin.

Blood Bank:

MMC Lab has 24 hours funtional blood bank with all facilities.

Services: Blood collection, Blood Grouping, cross matching, Blood screening. It provides whole blood, FFP, Packed cells, Plasma cells, Plasma & Platelets to the indoor & casualty patients.


Staff MMC Lab:

  1. Dr Mohtasim Billa              Chairman Pathology
  2. Dr salva                                Ap Incharge Blood Banks
  3. Dr Sadia                               SR Incharge Chemistry Sec.
  4. Dr Ishtiaq Rasool                  Blood Bank Officer
  5. Dr Khalida                             Inchage PCR Section

Lab Tecnicians:

  1. Abdul Karim                      Chief Supervisor
  2. Muzzamil shah                  Incharge Store & Logistics
  3. Shah Khisro
  4. Hazrat Hussain
  5. Sher Azam
  6. Arish Ali
  7. Sajjad Ahmad
  8. Nasir-ul-llah
  9. Hassan Gul
  10. Farman Ali
  11. Wasim Iqbal
  12. Shahid Ali
  13. Jamil-ur-Rehman
  14. Abdus Salam
  15. Zabi-ullah
  16. Naveed

Lab Attendents:

  1. Gul Said
  2. Imtiaz
  3. Said Ghani
  4. Faiz Muhammad
  5. Zubair
  6. Shiraz Taneemur Rehman
  7. Adil
  8. Ihtisham
  9. Muhammad Sajjad
  10. Khurshid Afzal
  11. Abdul Razzaq


Clerical Staff:

  1. Saeedullah
  2. Zakirullah

Blood Bank Staff:

  1. Mr  Niaz Ali                  Chief Technician
  2. Latifur Rehman
  3. Naseer Ahmad
  4. Muhammad Zada
  5. Attaullah
  6. Assad Ali                      Attendent


Department Team

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohtasim Billa