Neurosurgery Department


Department of Neurosurgery is dedicated to pursuit of excellence in neurosurgical care, timely provision of services not only to people of district Mardan and Malakand division but also to our all neighbor districts. We believe in being accountability to our patients, our colleagues and ourselves and providing more services compare to limited resources in best public interest.

A medical discipline and surgical specialty that provides cares for adult and pediatric patients in the treatment of pain or pathological process that may modify the function or activity of central nervous system like brain, hypophysis and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system like cranial, spinal and peripheral nerves and their vascular supply like intracranial, extra cranial and spinal vasculature.

Facilities: The department puts great emphasis on providing the best facilities for patient’s health. We are providing elective and emergency services round the clock.

We deal all cases of brain, spine and peripheral nerves. We are providing both microscopic as well as endoscopic services in addition to open naked eyed services. 

Research: We are doing research activities and publications in national and international publications.

We are conducting seminars, symposiums and workshops on regular intervals.

Department Team

Assistant Professor

Dr. Naeem Ul Haq

Assistant Professor

Dr. Asghar Ali

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gohar Ali

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq