31-Dec-2021: Notice Inviting Tender 'To Run the canteen having area (3000 sqft) located in the premises of Institution'

03-Nov-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of Surgical & Disposables Items For Sehat Sahulat Program'

20-Oct-2021: Medical Furniture - Technical Evaluation Criteria

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Items/Disposables

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –Medical Equipment

20-Oct-2021: Technical Evaluation Report –General Furniture

11-Oct-2021: Technical Bid Evaluation Report (Medical Furniture)

24-Sep-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for procurement of 'Laundry Machines' in MTI MMC Mardan

08-Sep-2021: Technical Evaluation Report for Janitorial Services at MTI-MMC Mardan

16-Aug-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Central Medical Gas Supply System”

11-Aug-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for the'Procurement of Medical & General Items'

06-Aug-2021: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

30-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids 'Installation of Central Medical Gas Supply System'

27-Jul-2021: Invitation For Bids (Medical & General Furniture and Medical)

19-Jul-2021: Interview Notice For House Job for Medical Graduates (MBBS) Session 2021

09-Jul-2021: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

09-Jul-2021: BID SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS “Information Technology and Machinery Equipment”

28-Jun-2021: NOTICE INVITING TENDER 'For the Procurement of IT Hardware & Machinery Items'

15-Jun-2021: Interview Notice 'Medical Graduates of BKMC for House Officers'

27-May-2021: Notice Inviting Bids for the provision of Janitorial/Cleaning Services in MTI-MMC

25-May-2021: Interview Notice 'Dental Graduates of BKCD for House Officers'

16-Mar-2021: Notification For Auction in MTI MMC Mardan


18-Feb-2021: Notice Inviting Tender for 'The Procurement of Medicines & Surgical Disposable '

22-Dec-2020: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Provision of Security Services MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Jan-2021: Tender Notice Invited for 'Renovation of Gynae & Labor Room at MTI MMC'

10-Dec-2020: Bid Evaluation Report (Technical) of Supply & Installation of Lift/Elevator at MMC Mardan

02-Dec-2020: Comparative Statement (Maintenance & Repair Works at MTI-MMC)

19-Nov-2020: Publication of Notice Inviting Tender for Sehat Sahulat Program in MTI-MMC

03-Nov-2020: NOTICE INVITING TENDER ' to improve performance, enhance effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness for the provision of quality healthcare services to the people of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa'

01-Oct-2020: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting "Procurement of Two (02) Lifts at MMC Mardan"

14-Sep-2020: MTI-MMC Notice Inviting Tender for Lift/Elevator

05-Sep-2020: Latest Vacancies at MTI-MMC Mardan

12-Aug-2020: Notice Inviting Tender For Medical & General Items

16-Jul-2020: Notice Inviting Tender

15-Jul-2020: Rigid Scopes Evaluation



03-Jun-2020: Notice Inviting Tender "For Provision of Security Services"

13-Mar-2020: Interview Notice For House Job

24-Jan-2020: Advertisement No. INF (P) 359/20 for Clinical Posts

23-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

06-Jan-2020: Announcement Of Technical Bid Evaluation Report

01-Jan-2020: Invitation For Bids at MTI-MMC Mardan

24-Dec-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Procurement of Equipment (Electric) and Miscellaneous Items

18-Dec-2019: Addendum in Advertisement INF(P) 5014/19

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report of Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, Mardan Nursing College

12-Dec-2019: Final Evaluation Report for Furniture & Fixture Items for MTI, BKMC

05-Dec-2019: Application Form for current Advertisement (Dec-2019) Advertisement No. INF (P) 5014/19

09-Dec-2019: Advertisement for the post of Communication & Outreach Officer, Inventory Officer & Inventory Assistant

05-Dec-2019: Notice Inviting Tender For Bacha Khan Medical College (BKMC)

05-Dec-2019: Notice For Pre-Qualification of Contractor/Firms

02-Dec-2019: Technical Bid Evaluation Report for Furniture and Fixture MTI-BKMC Mardan

03-Dec-2019: Invitation For Bids at MTI-BBCH Mardan

27-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Repair & Maintenance in existing building & Repair of Furniture & Fixture"

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Physiotherapy

21-Nov-2019: Technical Evaluation of Library

19-Nov-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "For Medical Equipment/Surgical Disposable For Cardiac Surgery"

13-Nov-2019: 4th Annual all specialties symposium. 1st launch pharma meeting 27-Nov-2019 MMC Mardan

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender "Civil Construction of Physiotherapy Department"

17-Oct-2019: NIT for "Civil Construction of Library"

11-Sep-2019: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting “Procurement of Two (02) Color Doppler Ultrasound”

07-Sep-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (2nd Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

26-Aug-2019: Procurement & Installation of Incinerator on Turnkey Basis (1st Pre-Bid Minutes of Meeting)

17-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System)

08-Aug-2019: Invitation for Bids (Procurement & Installation of Incinerator)

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Physiotherpy-BSD

17-Oct-2019: Notice Inviting Tender for Construction of Library-BSD

17-Apr-2019: House Job Notice & Form at MTI Mardan

Surgical Department


The Department of Surgery offers extensive academic programmes for medical students, interns, residents & fellows. Our residency and fellowships programmes provide a comprehensive learning experience in surgical disciplines taught through clinical sessions.

Our academic mission is to train the next generation of surgical leaders and to advance the field of surgery through translational research. We work towards the mission by integrating education and research with clinical services, entailing a full range of surgical treatments.

Residency programmes at Department of Surgery provides residents with the range and depth of academic exposure required to develop superior surgical skills and an ability to make mature, informed, independent judgments. Graduates of the programme are expected to be superior general specialists. Surgeon or surgical this level of capability is attained through a programme that offers extensive clinical exposure at every level of training.

Undergraduate Medical Education (MBBS):

The section of surgery is primary responsible for the clinical rotation of the undergraduate medical students in the department of surgery. The students join the section at year 3 and year 5 level and go through a rigorous schedule which helps develop their cognitive and psychomotor skills. The section of general surgery is also responsible for the assessment and annual examination of the students.

Postgraduate Medical Education:

Internship Programme

All the interns coming to BKMC have to go through 6 months compulsory rotation in various disciplines of surgery and most of the interns rotate through general surgery for a period of at least 2 months. The interns in general surgery are trained in basic principles of patient care in wards and high dependency areas. They are also trained in basic surgical skills and ethical principle of interaction with patients and their families.

Residency Programme:

The residency programme in general surgery is one of the premier and most sought after postgraduate programme of Bach Khan Medical College. So far a number of residents have graduated from the programme. About 10 postgraduates Residents (PGRs) & 30 House Officers are trained per year. These graduate residents are working as qualified faculty in various institutions, providing comprehensive care to communities in various parts of Pakistan. The training programme span over a period of 5 years with structured exposure to various aspects of curriculum, ultimately producing highly skilled and compassionate surgeons.

Department Team