04-Mar-2024: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting "Disposables & Consumables For Cath Lab"

21-Feb-2024: Notice Inviting Tenders for procurement of 'Disposables and Consumables for Cath Lab'

25-Oct-2023: Invitations for Bids ' For Repair & Maintenance Work in MMC Hospital '

19-Sep-2023: Corrigendum / Extension Notice for "Provision of Liquid Medical Gas at MTI Mardan"

13-Sep-2023: Invitations for Bids ' Provision of Medical Gas at MTI MMC Mardan'

22-Mar-2023: Final Technical Evaluation Report- After Grievances (BBCH)

13-Mar-2023: Technical Evaluation Report for Medical Equipment of SMBBCH Mardan

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for INCUBATORS after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for MONITOR Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Pharmacy Items after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for RADIODIAGNOSIS Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for DIALYSIS UNIT Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for DENTISTRY Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for OPHTHALMOLOGY/EYE Equipment's of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Surgical/OT Equipment's of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: BSD for Procurement & Installation of Medical Equipment for BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for 'Medical Equipment's for BBCH'

21-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Medical Equipment's of MTI BBCH

01-Feb-2023: INVITATION FOR BIDS "Procurement of Medical Equipment for BBCH MTI Mardan "

12-Jan-2023: NOTICE INVITING TENDER "Construction of A&E Units, and OTs"


General Surgery Department


 Department of General Surgery is dedicated & committed to provides round the clock services for Emergency Patients, Out Patients (OPD), and Indoor Patients. The department was established since the starting of Mardan Medical Complex in 1996-97 and currently comprises of two units i.e. surgical A & Surgical B. There are 64 beds in total, 32 for male patients and 32 for female patients. We have 08 offices in total, two for Professor and Associate professor each, 02 for Registrars and 02 for junior clerks. There are two examination rooms; two stores for medicine and equipment’s, two classrooms for students, 04 rooms for doctors on duty and 02 room for nursing staff is also available in ward.

Mission: The mission of the department is to restore health through surgical intervention, remembering patient dignity and comfort are integral to overall health.

Facilities: The department is equipped with almost all the essential instruments and equipment's. We are conducting OPD 05 days a week, there is elective OT list 04 days a week i.e. on Tuesday to Friday. The emergency services are provided 24/7. In emergency we provide services to all surgical patients including trauma, from 1st aid to definitive treatment, from wound care to appendectomy to laparotomy. While in elective services we provide facilities of laparoscopic procedure and treatment for cancer patients i.e. breast colon and kidney cancers.

Trainings: Our unit is recognized by CPSP for both the FCPS and MCPS courses. There are three supervisors (professors) three assistant Professors. Currently we have 42 FCPS Trainee Medical officers while 16 Trainee medical officers are on rotation in different departments. All the faculty members are registered with PMC and provide training to the students of BKMC at undergraduate level.  Regular workshops are conducted for post-graduate trainees and fellows for the purpose of learning and training.

Teaching & Research Activities: There is weekly teaching schedule for students of BKMC at undergraduate level which includes regular classes, OPD, Ward and OT activities. Weekly presentations and monthly Morbidity and Mortality meetings at Post-graduate levels. Each trainee has to do at least one synopsis and dissertation during his training period as per CPSP criteria. Regarding research activities, at least two (02) articles are published each year in the PMC recognized journals by the consultant Surgeon. This year one (01) article is already published and one (01) is ready for publication.  Every attempt is made for quality control at all levels, there is a quality enhancement cell in BKMC. Similarly, there is a quality control cell in hospital too, work on clinical audit is in process and will be completed soon.

Future Plan: Our plan is to make this department a center of excellence in terms of patient treatment and care and also for post-graduate training and to develop this department in the field of Minimal access surgery, surgical oncology and bariatric surgery which are the cornerstones of modern surgery.

Department Team

Assistant Professor

Dr Asif Imran

Assistant Professor

Dr Aurangzeb