A&E Department


The provision of health care facility to all the needy patients round the clock who are in desperate need to save lives through timely. Patient central emergency care driven by educational innovation and practice changing research.

Prime example of these patients are, Trauma, Road Traffic Accident sudden onset Cardiac diseases, Pulmonary and Gastointology disease.

Infrastructure and facilities:

Triage: The assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds are illness to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients and casualties.

Triage have the following components :








Patients who have life-threatening injuries that are treatable with a minimum amount of time, personnel, and supplies. These patients also have a good chance of recovery.




Indicates that treatment may be delayed for a limited period of time without significant mortality or in the ICU setting patients for whom life support may or may not change their outcome given the severity of their illness.




Patients with minor injuries whose treatment may be delayed until the patients in the other categories have been dealt with or patients who do not require ICU admission for the provision of life support.




Patients who have injuries requiring extensive treatment that exceeds the medical resources available in the situation or for whom life support is considered futile.




Patients who are in cardiac arrest and for which resuscitation efforts are not going to be provided.


Accident and emergency OT: Operation Theater in emergency department runs round the clock, which helps save life’s in large number of patients requiring urgent surgical interventions.    

Minor OT: Minor wounds, stitches, dressing and POPs are done in emergency department.

ECG: ECG is the most important urgent and easy window to almost all the acute and chronic cardiac patients. The facility pays a pivotal role in management of medical emergencies.

Emergency Pharmacy: Pharmacy in emergency department provides all the necessary medicines to all the patients free of cost which helps in timely management of patients.

Emergency Lab: The provision of emergency diagnostic facility not only helps in patient management but is life saving for needy patients.

Radiology:  This facility encompasses ultrasound and Radiographs within the emergency department for the better management of patients.

Medico legal services: on the floor of our department medico legal officers provides the above mentioned services.

Department Team

Consultant in Medicine

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Consultant Orthopedics

Dr. Aiman Zia

Consultant General Surgery

Dr. Bayazeed