Nephrology Department


The department of Nephrology was started in February 2004 with 05 Dialysis Machines. Later on provincial government provided 03 more dialysis machines and 05 by the Hospital own expenses. In order to manage heavy load on dialysis department the Hospital administration approved and purchased 05 new Dialysis machines.  Currently, total 18 no. of machines are currently operating to facilitate patients.

Currently working hours are from 08:00Am to 08:00 Pm. The Nephrologist is being trained at LRH who is supervising the department & is available on call. 08 Dialysis Technicians & 01 staff nurses are currently working in department. Currently we have (15) beds total 03 beds are dedicated for HCV positive patients. Up to 32 patients are treated daily

Infrastructure: The department comprises of 03 dialysis bays including 01 dedicated for the hepatitis C patients. It has 03 offices 01 each for doctors on call and 01 for paramedics/record keeping.

Facilities: Facilities provided by the department are as under

  • Hemodialysis procedures
  • Ascitic Tap
  • Double lumen/central Venus line insertion

Future plan: In future our plan is to first recognize the department by PMC and CPSP for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We also plan to have state of the art Dialysis machines and facilities for peritoneal Dialysis/Arterio-Venus fistula and renal biopsies to avoid unnecessary referral to other hospital.

Department Team

Consultant Nephrology

Dr. Zahid Shah