04-Mar-2024: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting "Disposables & Consumables For Cath Lab"

21-Feb-2024: Notice Inviting Tenders for procurement of 'Disposables and Consumables for Cath Lab'

25-Oct-2023: Invitations for Bids ' For Repair & Maintenance Work in MMC Hospital '

19-Sep-2023: Corrigendum / Extension Notice for "Provision of Liquid Medical Gas at MTI Mardan"

13-Sep-2023: Invitations for Bids ' Provision of Medical Gas at MTI MMC Mardan'

22-Mar-2023: Final Technical Evaluation Report- After Grievances (BBCH)

13-Mar-2023: Technical Evaluation Report for Medical Equipment of SMBBCH Mardan

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for INCUBATORS after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for MONITOR Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Pharmacy Items after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for RADIODIAGNOSIS Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for DIALYSIS UNIT Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for DENTISTRY Equipment's after Pre-BID of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for OPHTHALMOLOGY/EYE Equipment's of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Surgical/OT Equipment's of MTI BBCH

20-Feb-2023: BSD for Procurement & Installation of Medical Equipment for BBCH

20-Feb-2023: Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for 'Medical Equipment's for BBCH'

21-Feb-2023: Technical Specification for Medical Equipment's of MTI BBCH

01-Feb-2023: INVITATION FOR BIDS "Procurement of Medical Equipment for BBCH MTI Mardan "

12-Jan-2023: NOTICE INVITING TENDER "Construction of A&E Units, and OTs"


Medicine Department


DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE is dedicated to provide quality care, universal accessibility and cost effective health care to all patients in this belt. Department of medicine is trying its level best to provide the most up-to-date care service in the domain of internal medicine including, but not limited to, chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, chronic liver disease and preventable infectious diseases. The department has never ceases its efforts to provide optimum health care, teaching and research activities during the pandemic.

Infrastructure: Department of medicine comprises of two (02) units i.e. Medical A  and Medical B and is providing services since the inception of Mardan Medical Complex. Med- A unit comprises of two chambers with 32 beds, 16 male and 16 female wherein Med B unit consist of 34 beds, 17 each for male and female. In addition, there are separate rooms for isolation of patients with infectious disease and a procedure room for various procedures carried out in department. There are separate rooms for Professor, Assistant Professor, Head of Department, Nursing staff, Demonstration room for academic activities and a fully equipped library.

Facilities: The unit provides tertiary care services to large geographic portion of this province; as such it is equipped by the essential equipment’s and instruments. Out-patient Department services are provided on five working days from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, in addition to twenty-four hours’ emergency services. Admission process is through a triage and diagnostic services, including biochemical, hematological and radiological are available round the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In patient care includes, Nursing services, Diagnostic and Therapeutic pleural and peritoneal tap, lumber puncture etc. These services are provided in procedure room with all the aseptic techniques. The department provides services to patients with chronic diseases with appropriate treatment goals and follow-up.

Trainings: Department of medicine is registered with CPSP for training in FCPS. Currently there are five (05) supervisors; two (02) Professors, One Associate Professor, and two (02) Assistant Professors, there are 80 trainee medical officers.

Academic and Research activities: Department carries out daily Academic rounds for Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) and House Officers (HOs). Academic activities also include regular classes for undergraduate and post-graduate students, both in ward and in OPD. In addition to research work carried out by Trainee Medical Officers, research work is underway throughout the year by supervisors. Multiple research articles and case reports have already been published in PMC recognized journals.

Quality control: Every attempt is made for quality control. Infection control, quality enhancement and regular audits are carried out on regular basis. Research is always carried out to improve the quality of care provided in this tertiary care hospital. There is always room for improvement and the department is making sure to meet the international standards of health care and academic activities.

Future Plan: Every effort is being made to improve our quality of care. We plan to provide the state-of-the-art Diagnostic and Therapeutic services to our patient, there is also fully-equipped working medical ICU of 10 beds in the Hospital.

Department Team

Hospital Director

Prof. Dr Amjid Ali

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Ajmal Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shah Zeb

Consultant in Medicine

Dr Waqar Ahmad