Paediatric Department


Paediatric department is one of the most important unit of any health care facility. Forunately Mardan Medical Complex have it with specialized and well qualified staff, including trained nurses. Pediatrics Unit at BKMC/MMC was started in April 2010. Initially day care center services were provided, then with the passage of time we developed a Nursery ,Nutritional rehabilitation unit, High dependency unit, isolation, and EDCC and EPI center.

Pediatric unit at BKMC/MMC is recognized from CPSP for post graduate training, at the moment there are three Supervisor in Pediatric department.

Mission:  To strengthen the Practice of Child health care and well-being by flourishing a knowledgeable, skillful, diagnostic and Clinical research oriented Children health care Center in the region.

Facilities & Infrastructure:

            Pediatric Ward: 01

             No of Beds: 60

The department consist of the following offices.

  • Professor Office
  • Associate Professor Office 
  • Assistant Professor Office
  • Procedure Office
  • Library
  • Demonstration Room
  • Ward Doctor Office
  • Nursery Doctor Office
  • Store Room
  • 10. Equipment Room

Training: Department is recognized by CPSP for both the FCPS and MCPS courses.

  • Trainee medical Officers: 25
  • House officers: 10
  • Nursing staff: 22
  • Nursing Station: 02
  • Paramedical Staff: 01
  • Supporting staff: 07
  • J/Clerk: 01

Academic activities for post graduate FCPS/MCPS (TMO’s):

Clinical Presentation & Journal club:

  •  On Tuesday: Supervised by Prof. Muhammad Fazil /Dr.Muhammad Qasim/Dr.kiramat Ullah /Dr.Khalil Ahmed

Grand Round:

  • Wednesday by Prof Dr. Muhammad Fazil  / Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qasim

Short case/ Long case:

  • On Thursday: to be supervised by  Dr.Khalil ahmed / Dr. Kiramat (Just after the round)

Morbidity & Mortality meeting:

  • At the end of the month

Trainee medical Officer Cases Entries/ Discussion with supervisors (CPSP E-log)

  • At the end of the month

Synopsis /Dissertation Discussion with TMOs with Supervisors

  • Monthly  

Rounds and Discussions: (Along with TMO with cases presented in round)

  • General ward& Measles        Dr. Qasim (Associate Professor)
  • Nursery                                      Dr. Kiramat (Assistant Professor)
  • HDU& NRU                               Dr.Khalil Ahmed (Assistant Professor)

Quality Control

  • Ward SOPS are developed and implemented
  • Nursery SOPs
  • Infection and Prevention Guidelines are followed
  • Antibiotic Stewardships SOPs
  • Health Hygiene and Environment is entrusted.

Future plan:

  • Functionalization of Benazir children Hospital
  • To provide State of the art Facilities
  • Increase in Beds Number
  • Establishment of proper NICU
  • Establishment of PICU
  • To Establish Sub specialties
  • Establish Thalassemia Center

Department Team

Associate Professor

Dr. Muhammad Qasim Khan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kiramat Ullah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Khalil Ahmad Khan