General ICU Department


We are dedicated to provide quality care & universal accessibility to all critical patients in this belt. ICU consists of two portions; 10 beds for Medical patients and 6 bedded Surgical.


             To provide effective quality care to all the patients and make ensure ethical practice.                                                       

 No. of Beds: There are 16 Beds for ICU i.e.

  • 10 Beds for medical patients
  • 06 Beds for surgical procedure


     we have Invasive ventilators, infusion pump , syringe pumps, ABG’s machine,    X-Ray machine, ultrasound machine, suction machine, concentrator , centralized monitoring, CVP line, Art line, Bipap, Cpap, dopler, dialysis machine, portable ventilator, cardiac monitors and remote control beds.


          we have eight (08) separate rooms for patients and one (01) nursing room with one (01) doctor room. Six (06) bed space for stepdown. We have two rooms for tetanus patients with nursing station.

Quality control:

             we keep strict observation in ICU due to infection control or hospital associated infections. To ensure quality control Culture test, Antiseptic and fumigation are done on regular basis.

Future plan:

  • Extension in ICU beds.


Department Team